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The Wales native lost 202 lbs. in 2008 but gained 524 lbs. back – and says she'll lose again

July 12, 2012 07:20 PM

Three years ago, Georgia Davis – dubbed “Britain’s Fattest Teen” – went from 462 lbs. to 260 lbs. after spending nine months at Wellspring Academy, a weight-loss boarding school in North Carolina.

Now 19, Davis has gained back all of the weight – and much more. Weighing in at a reported 784 lbs., Davis is getting help at Prince Charles hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, to try to lose weight and gain control of her life again.

“I was eating out of boredom and to comfort myself when depression set in. After that, something twisted in my head and I gave up even thinking about why I was eating,” Davis wrote in a journal entry that appeared in the U.K.’s Sun.

In 2009, Davis, then 16, felt triumphant after losing 202 lbs. during her stay in the U.S. “I’m happy because I managed to change my appearance, my attitude and my view on life,” Davis told PEOPLE before heading home to Wales. “This is the beginning of my new life.”

But over the years the weight crept back on, and by May, Davis had reached a point where she was unable to stand due to her weight.

“When I lost the use of my legs was the day that scared me the most,” she wrote in her journal entry.

After her mother, Lesley, called authorities for help, a team of firemen demolished a section of her family’s Wales home in order to remove Davis from her bedroom on the second floor and move her to a local hospital.

Now with the support of her mother and stepfather, Arthur, Davis has renewed hope for her future.

“I think about going on holiday and traveling one day when I am slimmer,” she writes. “I would love to go to Tokyo because the culture and food look amazing.”

She adds: “Now it’s up to me to work towards that goal.”

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