Britain's Busiest Royal

Princess Anne was the busiest member of Britain’s Royal Family in 1998, clocking up the most official engagements, according to a London Times survey. Queen Elizabeth had a much less active year in 1998 than the year before — her number of official engagements dropped by nearly a fifth. The survey, compiled by Tim O’Donovan, showed the Queen’s daughter to be at the top of the “busy league” in 1998 with 679 engagements. “She is a jolly hard worker,” O’Donovan said. He also pointed out that “the work rate of the whole Royal Family remains remarkably high, considering that more than half of its adult members are now over the age at which many people retire.”

  • In other news of the Royals, Prince Charles and son Prince Harry began the family’s annual Swiss skiing holiday on Sunday without Prince William. Buckingham Palace said the heir to the British throne was traveling with his 14-year-old son, but without his 16-year-old son. The reason for William’s absence wasn’t given. The royal party will pose for photographers and brief reporters Monday and Tuesday but has asked to be left alone during the rest of the holiday, scheduled to end Jan. 10.
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