Britain Reacts to Posh and Becks's U.S. Move

"POSH & BUCK$" is what the London tabloids are calling the couple

London’s ferociously competitive tabloids rarely agree on anything, but they do today. Both the Daily Mirror and The Sun scream from their front page: “POSH & BUCK$.”

Britain is abuzz with the news that the soccer star has signed a contract worth several hundred million dollars to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy. According to the Daily Mirror, Beckham will earn up to $100 million a year playing for the team, while The Sun says he will pocket $1.50 every second of every day.

“He is glamorous, fit, and he is a global brand and the Americans know how to market that potential,” leading London branding expert Mark Borkowski tells PEOPLE. “It’s the ideal move and it helps to have a glamorous wife.”

And some insist that it’s Victoria Beckham, 32, who wanted the move. The Daily Mail snipes that she “gets her way” in deciding the relocation to Los Angeles for her 31-year-old husband.

“That’s total rubbish,” a family friends tells PEOPLE. “It was a joint decision to move. It was hard because they have to uproot the kids.”

The couple will continue to live in Spain – where they raise their three sons, Brooklyn 7, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, nearly 2 – until early summer as Beckham plays for the Real Madrid team. As yesterday’s news of the career move caused shockwaves across Europe, the Beckhams were at home watching it unfold on TV.

Still to be decided is where the family will live on the West Coast. “The press has already said they have picked a house but they haven’t yet,” says the friend. “It’s too soon to decide exactly where it will be but they want to be closer to Beverly Hills than Malibu.”

Once in California the couple intend to take advantage of their joint passion – exotic automobiles. Beckham already owns two Ferraris, a Lamborghini, a Porsche, a Bentley and a Hummer, while pedal-to-the-metal Victoria pushes her Porsche.

“They love their cars,” says the friend. “They are really looking forward to the L.A. lifestyle.”

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