After an emotional day of testimony, things get catty in the courtroom

By Sharon Cotliar and Kathy Ehrich Dowd
Updated July 03, 2008 04:00 PM
Credit: Lisa Mauceri/INF (2)

As their divorce trial continued Thursday afternoon, it seemed that both Christie Brinkley, 54, and Peter Cook, 49, had sharpened their claws.

Under cross-examination, the supermodel took a self-deprecating jab at suggestions that her teary testimony Thursday morning was merely an act.

Cook s attorney Norman Sheresky repeatedly asked Brinkley, “Aren’t you an actress?” to which she demurred, “I think that would be stretching it.”

When Sheresky went on to note that “actress” was listed as one of her talents on her bio, Brinkley answered that it was written by her agent. She added that suggesting she was an actress would be “flattering myself. I was in National Lampoon’s Vacation,” she said, noting it is now out on DVD.

With that, Brinkley was dismissed from the stand, but as she took her seat, she turned to Sheresky and said, “Thanks for the promotion.”

Next, Sheresky called Cook – who earlier on Thursday had said of his estranged wife’s testimony,Shrek was more believable than that” – as a rebuttal witness.

After Cook testified that Brinkley once expressed distress over her daughter Alexa because she had “gained a lot of weight and dressed so slovenly” after her first semester at college, Brinkley s lawyer Robert Stephan Cohen cried out an objection. In response, Cook said into the mic, “Ms. Brinkley’s looking for the truth, isn’t she?”