The Don't Be Tardy star also bats back at "ignorant" people who criticize her plastic surgery

By Dave Quinn
Updated October 28, 2016 12:49 PM
brielle biermann
Credit: Source: Brielle Biermann/Instagram

Brielle Biermann is in love.

The 19-year-old Don’t Be Tardy star is dating Red Sox minor league pitcher Michael Kopech — and says the 20-year-old athlete is “the one.”

“If he proposed to me tomorrow, I’d say yes,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “We can get engaged soon. [The wedding] can come later, but I’ll get engaged soon with the huge ring — that’s all I want.”

And while the happy couple aren’t rushing to the alter anytime soon, Biermann is already thinking about starting a family of her own.

“I always say I want to have all my kids by the time I’m 28 and before I’m 30,” she said. “If I have a boy and a girl, then I’m set.”

The two met through a mutual friend. And though they’re currently long distance, that hasn’t stopped their romance from growing. Kopech even cooked Biermann her favorite meal — a burger — during their last date, and decorated the room with “rose petals, hearts and candles.”

“He’s very romantic,” she said. “He’s just like me — we’re both calm and don’t really like to hang out with [other] people or talk to [other] people. It’s hard to find someone like that at my age. He would never want to go out to party. That’s something I really truly love about him … he’s just all about me!”

Kopech also appears to be very protective over Biermann, even lashing out against Internet trolls who post abusive comments on Biermann’s social media accounts.

“Some boys comment really gross things on my photos and my boyfriend will get pissed and comment back like ‘Get the f— out of here!’ ” she revealed. “He gets frustrated with them more than I do. I’m like, ‘Who cares,?’ “

Many of the comments are often directed at Biermann’s rumored plastic surgery.

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Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBC/Getty

But the reality star said that “people are just ignorant.”

“You guys are probably comparing me to season one of Real Housewives of Atlanta and then going straight to now,” she said. “Where were you guys between? You can see me every single season, and you can see how I change.”

While she has admitted to getting lip fillers, Biermann said she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. “I’m on Snapchat 24-7. If I were to do some downtime, how would that happen?” she asked.

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Her look-a-like mom Kim Zolciak Biermann doesn’t have any problem with he daughter getting lip injections either.

“Why not? Shoot it up!” Zolciak Biermann told a caller on Watch What Happens Live recently.

“I’ve heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly,” she continued, recalling a recent time Brielle said she was going to go forward with the procedure. “I was like, ‘I’m going to take you to the best.’ ”

During a trip to Los Angeles in July, Brielle received lip filler injections, which she documented on Snapchat.

“I didn’t do it with her — I already had mine done,” the 38-year-old joked.

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