Greta Hokanson was diagnosed with leukemia at 15 years old

By Alex Heigl
November 05, 2015 05:00 PM

Greta Hokanson got married earlier this month in Sartell, Minnesota, and she had a rough road to the altar.

At 15, Hokanson was diagnosed with leukemia, and doctors pegged her best chance for survival to a bone marrow transplant. Through the National Bone Marrow Registy, Hokanson was matched with Danny Daniels from Arkansas. The two met a few years after Hokanson’s life-saving surgery.

Daniels literally saved Hokanson’s life, so when it came time for her to assemble a guest list for her wedding, she knew she had to have him there.

“My wedding day was one I wasn’t going to make it for. . .and to have the person who saved my life be there was just unbelievable,” she told Minnesota’s KMSP.

Hokanson got a standing ovation when he was introduced, and the pair shared a dance to Alabama’s “Angels Among Us.”

“Prior to the wedding, only my parents and myself had met him, so having the rest of the family meet him and have them face-to-face, he wasn’t just a name anymore,” she said.

“I was very happy,” Daniels told KMSP. “She married a great guy. He’s a nice guy. She couldn’t have done any better.”

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