December 02, 2015 01:55 PM

The Internet has fallen in love with a burger-eating, hockey-loving bride.

An adorable video of two Minnesota Wild fans (and newlyweds) Erica Skuta and Lewis Blake surfaced on Sunday, in which Skuta (dressed in her wedding gown!) chows down on a burger while sitting ringside at a Wild vs. Dallas Stars game in St. Paul, Minnesota.

When she gets a little bit of sauce on her face, she leans into her dapper groom as he wipes it off, seemingly unaware that she’s been caught on the Jumbotron.

“I was kind of terrified when I first learned I was eating a cheeseburger on TV,” Skuta told the Star Tribune. “The response has been insane.”

Blake, who is from New Zealand, knows how lucky he is to have found Skuta, who rushed to the game with him soon after they said, “I do.”

“It became pretty clear early on in our relationship that we were going to go the distance,” he said. “I know how lucky I am.”

We are firm believers in the idea that major life events should be commemorated by fast food, like when a Missouri teen took her senior portrait at Taco Bell, and a San Francisco man took engagement photos with a burrito.

The couple told the Tribune that attending the game was their “wedding finale.” Their next stop? A honeymoon hiking in Canada – though we’re not sure if it can top this.

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