Bride and Groom Invite Their Grandmas to Be Flower Girls – See the Sweet Photos!

"They kept telling me they were having so much fun," bride Maggie Wakefield tells PEOPLE

Photo: Ashley Elizabeth Photography

When Maggie and Josh Wakefield first started dating, they connected over their close bonds with their grandmothers.

So, when it came time to tie the knot, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, couple decided to make their family matriarchs a big part of their special day by asking them to serve as flower girls.

“I knew I really wanted to involve my grandmother because she’s like my second mother – she helped raise my sister and me throughout our entire lives,” Maggie Wakefield, 22, tells PEOPLE.

When Maggie brought her idea to Josh, she suggested he could ask his grandma to do the same. “He was totally on board,” she says.

Rather than simply calling, the pair went to a local craft store and assembled flower girl baskets with silk rose petals. They presented the baskets to their grandmothers as a “flower girl proposal” of sorts.

“They both accepted and we were just so happy we couldn’t believe it,” Maggie says. “They mean so much to us.”

On June 11, the day of the ceremony, the two grandmas donned grey lace dresses and gleefully carried out their flower girl duties.

“In almost 10 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve never seen anything like it,” photographer Ashley Gillman tells PEOPLE. “I knew I was part of something special – these ladies are awesome women.”

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“They seemed to be glowing and honored to be part of the wedding and not just watching it,” Gillman continues. “They were smiling all day.”

Maggie didn’t get to see the pair in action, but she says she “could tell they were having so much fun” in the pictures.

After the procession of the flower girls, Maggie’s grandfather Ronald walked her down the aisle. Maggie’s dad died of colon cancer in 2013, so involving both of his parents in the wedding made Maggie (who carried a bouquet with her dad’s picture on it) feel like she was making him proud.

“I’m sure he was smiling down on us and laughing at his mom throwing flower petals,” she says.

Despite initially saying they’d likely leave the reception early, Maggie’s grandparents kept dancing until the second to last song.

“They kept telling me they were having so much fun,” she says. “Josh’s grandparents were dancing as well and Josh got to dance with his grandma, which was the sweetest thing!”

Even more sweet? The photos of the Wakefield’s grandma flower girls went viral – inspiring people from all over to consider how they could include their grandparents in their nuptials.

“It’s insane how far these photos have traveled and how they’ve touched so many people and really inspired them to try new things,” Maggie says. “When planning a wedding you really need to think outside the box!”

And Maggie may have started a new family tradition. “I think it would be so much fun,” she says of the possibility of serving as flower girl at a future grandchild’s wedding. “I would do it in a heartbeat.”

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