May was officially recognized as a contributor to the Pluto fly-by mission

Credit: Ben Cawthra/Rex USA

There’s actually a very important part of the PEOPLE editorial team dedicated to making sure everyone knows how amazing Queen guitarist Brian May is. Not only does the guy go out of his way to save badgers in the U.K., but he also’s also a Ph.D.-wielding astrophysicist, and he recently visited the NASA team who helped to take those groundbreaking pictures of Pluto that surfaced last week.

Plus, he wrote the riff to “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

May visited NASA on Friday and spoke to the New Horizons team. “I’m one of those people in Europe who’s been following your every move on our laptops and TVs, in our offices and in our bedrooms,” he said. “What an amazing achievement. You have inspired the world. Thank you.”

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May was officially recognized as a “collaborator” by the team. He originally worked on his Ph.D. at London’s Imperial College but abandoned his studies in 1974 to pursue his music career; he finished his degree in 2007.

Kyle Cassidy, a photographer on hand at the event, reported that May is also knowledgeable about Victorian-era stereoscopic (3D) photography and has a huge collection of such images. Another day, another great piece of knowledge about Brian May!

Brian May: The More You Know.