The rocker thanks fans for their support after his emergency appendectomy

By Tim Nudd
April 19, 2010 12:20 PM
Gus Ruelas/AP

He originally thought he could perform that night, but Bret Michaels now knows the extent of the danger he was in when he was rushed to hospital for an emergency appendectomy last week.

“They told me that if I had gone onstage like I wanted to, [my appendix] likely would have ruptured and I could have died,” the rocker and Celebrity Apprentice contestant wrote this weekend in a note to fans on his blog.

His recovery is going well, he says – but man, is he sore.

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“When you’re not planning on having a body part ripped out of you, it can be a shock to the system,” he writes. “While the doctors are amazing in San Antonio, there is just no way around the fact that getting your appendix out HURTS. I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but this one hurts.”

That tolerance for pain could have been disastrous on the night of April 11. “I have played concerts with broken bones, extremely low blood sugars, the flu, colds, and all kinds of things before,” Michaels writes. “I tend to try to perform at all costs.”

But doctors intervened, perhaps saving the former Poison frontman’s life.

In the blog post, Michaels thanks his fans for their cards, gifts and well wishes, and says he will reschedule all the canceled shows for the summer and fall. And he also clears up the one obvious remaining question.

“Yes,” he writes, “there are hot nurses taking care of me, in case you were curious.”

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