The rock star misses concerts due to "tragic" health scare, says bandmate
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

No stranger to health crises, rocker Bret Michaels has fallen seriously ill again, causing him to reschedule multiple performances.

“This past week Bret had to have surgery on his kidneys,” the star’s bandmate Pete Evick announced in a statement to fans posted on Michaels’ website and Facebook page.

“The pain that led to the original surgery was so great that he simply could not perform last Thursday in Champaign.”

According to the post, Michaels’ latest kidney issues seem to stem from previous health problems, which include “the appendectomy a few years ago, the brain hemorrhage, and recently his scare in Boston with the flu/severe blood sugar on stage earlier this year,” writes Evick.

Evick also revealed that Michaels has been in and out of six hospitals over the past two weeks.

But despite all of this, the rocker has been forging ahead with his rigorous tour schedule. “Bret always says, ‘I’m gonna go until I can’t go anymore,’ ” writes Evick. That includes the singer recently performing a show in Memphis immediately after having two stents put in his body.

“I begged him not to do this,” Evick remembers about their conversation regarding the following show in Knoxville, Tennessee. “It was horrifying on his bus after the show. I can’t explain the amount of blood or where it came from.”

Michaels is expected to return to the stage on Thursday in Florida.

“While the last few weeks have been tragic, Bret continues to be an inspiration in his ability to push on,” writes Evick. “In typical Bret fashion, the fans come first.”

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