"I hope that these wounds at least serve as a warning to other women," Urach says

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated January 29, 2015 04:20 PM
Jason Winslow/Splash News Online

After facing near-death consequences following plastic surgery, Brazilian model Andressa Urach is speaking out about the dangers of going under the knife.

The reality TV star, 27, spoke to Brazilian television station RedeTV! about her life-threatening experience in November when a surgical procedure to enhance her thighs went awry, the Associated Press reports.

Urach – once a major advocate of plastic surgery in Brazil – had to be placed on life support after going into septic shock during the procedure. Brazil’s Plastic Surgery Society claimed that Urach was given a dose of silicone gel 200 times the amount that the government permits and that doctors allegedly used a hydrogel not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to the AP.

But Urach was no stranger to cosmetic surgery. She was known for openly discussing her silicone implants, anabolic steroid use, botox injections and nose job with the media and fans.

Now, the former runner-up in Brazil’s “Miss Bum Bum” contest regrets putting “poison in my body, mostly because of having too much vanity.”

Urach told RedeTV! that she blames “society, which unfortunately holds a standard of beauty in which you have to be perfect.”

Thankfully, Urach dodged the fatal consequences, but she hasn’t fully recovered yet. The wounds on her legs were seen bleeding through her skirt during the interview.

“I hope that these wounds at least serve as a warning to other women,” she said.