Brandy's Mom Explains Lawsuit Against Kardashians

Photo: Evan Agostini/AP

Sonja Norwood’s first choice was to avoid suing the Kardashians for alleged credit card abuse, but, she says, they gave her no other choice.

“I did not want to commence litigation against the Kardashian family without conducting an exhaustive investigation into the charges and discussing all options, including criminal prosecution, with my family,” Norwood said in a statement Tuesday.

In the lawsuit, which names Kim Kardashian as well as siblings Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr., the R&B singer’s mother claims she had only given authorization for one purchase on the Norwood American Express card. Kim at the time was a stylist for Brandy, and Brandy’s brother, Ray J, also appeared in the infamous sex tape with Kim.

“After Ray J and Brandy urged me not to file criminal charges because of their prior friendship, I decided to afford the Kardashians an opportunity to resolve this matter without a lawsuit,” Norwood said. “When the fraudulent charges were brought to their attention, they apologized profusely, and advised us, through their attorneys, that they would pay the debt in full. However, they have since reneged on that promise.”

The lawsuit alleges bills exceeding $120,000 were run up on the AmEx, and seeks the return of the money plus 10 percent interest.

Norwood also said in her statement that her “investigation has revealed that the Kardashians used their two stores and other stores that I have never visited to take advantage of me. I very much look forward to having the Kardashians account for their misconduct in a court of law.”

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