The singer belted out a Whitney Houston classic on the New York subway but failed to elicit the reaction she wanted

Singer Brandy, who earlier this year relocated to New York to play Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago, is still learning the ropes of life in the city that never sleeps.

For example, she apparently didn’t know that the typical New York City response to anyone making a ruckus on the subway is to simply mind your own business and pretend you can’t hear it. That’s what resulted in a rather tepid reaction to her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Home” during a subway ride.

In the video, Brandy, 36, seems more than a little surprised that she didn’t get much attention. Joking that she feels “very emotional,” she tries to call her mother, but her cameraman informs her that she won’t get cell service in the subway tunnels.

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In a blog post, the singer said she’s thoroughly enjoyed her time in New York, but joked that the incident left her asking, “Can a sistah get ONE fan?!”