Hollywood icon Marlon Brando’s five-decades-old reputation for being outrageous has been fueled again. According to Time magazine, the two-time Oscar winner, 77, made life on the set miserable for director Frank Oz (“Bowfinger”), who helmed Brando’s latest, “The Score.” The crime caper, which also stars Edward Norton, Angela Bassett and Robert De Niro, opens Friday. As has long been the case with the star, it was a matter of a test of wills and differences in interpretation of his role. The tension reportedly began when Oz, who got his start as the man behind Miss Piggy (literally), requested that Brando temper his characterization of an aging homosexual crook who masterminds the heist of a priceless French scepter. Brando subsequently refused to return to the set if Oz were present, forcing De Niro to direct a major scene with Brando while Oz monitored the action over closed-circuit TV and issued instructions to De Niro through an assistant director, Time said. Ever the diplomat, Oz told Newsday, “He felt one way, quite sincerely and earnestly, and I felt the other, and the producers backed me, which I’m grateful for, and Marlon did come around to my side.”