Bradley Cooper Reminisces About 'Wet Hot American Summer' Sex Scene: 'I Remember We Left Our Socks On'

"It was nuts," Bradley Cooper says of his memorable Wet Hot American Summer moment with Michael Ian Black

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty

Bradley Cooper still has vivid memories of his faux camp days.

Cooper, 40, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday, where he reminisced about his memorable sex scene with Michael Ian Black in the old-school camp comedy Wet Hot American Summer.

“I remember we kept our socks on. The big tube socks,” said Cooper of the scene in the cult hit, which was recently revived as a Netflix series.

In the film, the two adolescent boys have a passionate hook-up in a tool shed. And while they stripped down to their socks, they also used a certain prop to help make the scene even steamier.

“We put a lot of that sweat stuff, you know, that glistening gel,” Cooper explained. “And then we were up against – yeah, it was nuts.”

The Joy actor couldn’t help but laugh about how serious they were while filming the scene.

“The joke of that scene was to make it the one serious scene in the whole movie,” he said.

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But even knowing the scene was just a joke, Cooper said things still got a little awkward between him and Black in the days leading up to shooting.

“We were both trying to pretend that it wasn’t going to happen when we first met,” he said. “I remember playing ping-pong with him, knowing that the countdown to the sex scene was two weeks away – pretending that everything was fine.”

Awkward or not, Cooper can’t help but recognize the bar Black set for his future onscreen intimate encounters.

Jen Lawrence and I kind of have chemistry, but Michael Ian Black!” he joked.

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