January 21, 2016 02:00 PM

Bradley Cooper is getting schooled in the culinary arts by a pint-sized cutie half his size.

In an exclusive deleted scene obtained by PEOPLE from the actor’s 2015 drama Burnt, Cooper is aided by the daughter of his love interest (Sienna Miller) in chopping up a cucumber.

As Chef Adam Jones, Cooper learns from and teaches the adorable British child while preparing dinner – which includes some mouth-watering pasta cooked up by Miller.

“This knife has a soul of a great chef and if you’re not careful, if you’re not treating it with respect, it’ll cut your fingers off,” Cooper jokingly advises in the scene.

Bradley Cooper’s Changing Looks!

Burnt follows Jones’ journey for redemption on the restaurant scene as he vies to earn a third Michelin stars and find redemption for his former bad boy ways.

The film will be available on Digital HD on Jan. 15, 2016 from Starz Digital, before heading to Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, and On Demand Jan. 26, 2016.

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