The Florida attorney gets fired by Donald Trump after a hot ice-cream competition

By Stephen M. Silverman
September 17, 2004 08:00 AM

The Donald took aim at Bradford Cohen on Thursday’s second installment of Apprentice 2 – calling Bradford “stupid” and then uttering those two dreaded words: “You’re fired.”

It was a mighty fall for the 33-year-old Ft. Lauderdale attorney and real-estate investor, who only a week ago served as the only male on the Apex team, which had won the toy challenge and thus provided him immunity from being fired during challenge two.

Thursday night’s challenge was to develop a new ice cream flavor then peddle the dessert in Times Square. While Apex came up with red-velvet gelato, the Mosaic team won with its donut flavor, though not necessarily because of its taste.

Led by project manager Ivana, Apex’s mistakes included picking a sales spot already reserved by a short-fused hot-dog vendor, causing some of the team members to wander elsewhere and remain lost for three hours. Bradford had also lost any hope of sympathy from viewers when he told the male opposing team: “When you grow a set of boobies, you’ll be able to outsell my girls.”

But Bradford saved his real blunders for the boardroom when Donald Trump asked him about his Apex associates – and then Bradford foolishly waived his immunity from being fired this week. And then he was.

“Stupid,” Trump told Bradford of that move. “That superseded the selling of ice cream, the flavor of ice cream.”