Brad Pitt Makes a Quick Trip to Croatia and Visits Proposed $1.5 Billion Luxury Real Estate Development Site

The 52-year-old actor is a fan of architect Nikola Basic's work


Brad Pitt is a fan, just like the rest of us!

The actor traveled to Croatia on Thursday and took an onsite tour of a proposed $1 billion dollar luxury real estate development on the Adriatic coast.

After arriving at the Zadar Airport, the 52-year-old actor took a small boat cruise along a 50-mile stretch of coastline near Biograd and Sibenik, roughly an hour up the coast from Split.

Pitt, who stayed overnight in Sibenik’s recently opened waterside Dogusevom Hotel, visited the town’s St. James Cathedral before embarking on a walking tour with 10 others around the proposed project site in Zablace.

The group included internationally known architect Nikola Basic, who created Zadar’s celebrated Sea Organ quay design, a unique giant sculpture that plays music created by sea waves passing
through resonant tubes beneath its large marble steps. Basic also designed the Dogusevom Hotel and is the creative force behind plans at Zablace.

Swiss-based fund TFI Holding

has reportedly invested $70 million in assembling land parcels for Basic’s project, which will remake Sibenik’s small neighboring city Zablace into a modern ecologically-responsible planned community.

Proposed project plans call for both land – once known for its salt production – and an existing marina site to be transformed into a resort that features a flagship luxury hotel, shops and villas.

Schools and a clinic are also included in the plans, which will incorporate a permanent community population of 2,500. The overall cost of the development is estimated to be over $1.5 billion.

Pitt first visited the Dalmatian coastal region nearly 30 years ago when he filmed Dark Side of the Sun in both Yugoslavia and Montenegro in 1988. In 2011, Angelina Jolie vacationed in Croatia with some of her and Pitt’s children.

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