Watch Brad Pitt Toss His New Orleans Neighbor Matthew McConaughey a Beer Across the Street

McConaughey is in town filming a segment for The Amazing Race

Photo: Splash News Online (2)

Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt are apparently across-the-street neighbors in New Orleans, a fact the stars apparently didn’t realize until Sunday night.

Someone watching from the sidelines started filming a neighborly conversation between the two, which terminated – most excellently, to borrow a phrase from Bill & Ted – when Pitt went inside, grabbed a beer and lobbed it to McConaughey.

Because he’s Matthew McConaughey, he popped it open and drank it.

Other relevant details: The beer in question was a NOLA Hopitoulas, according to, and McConaughey’s in town with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to film a segment for The Amazing Race. (Pitt and Angelina Jolie own a home in New Orleans.)

Bonus Rumor Mill Grist: Pitt has been one of the names floated around as a possible lead for True Detective‘s second season. Should that be true, here’s hoping he gets to play a character with as great a name as “Rustin Cohle,” McConaughey’s character in the show’s first season.

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