The actress celebrates turning 38 with an intimate meal at Il Vino following Pitt's World War Z premiere
Credit: Prioli-Bob/Starface/INF

As they would say in France, “Joyeux anniversaire, Angelina!”

Angelina Jolie turns 38 on Tuesday, and she celebrated Monday night with an intimate dinner for two in Paris with fiancé Brad Pitt, following the premiere of his film World War Z at the Normandie Theatre.

Pitt, 49, arranged the dinner personally on Monday afternoon, sources tells PEOPLE, choosing the high-end wine restaurant Il Vino, run by Enrico Bernardo, the youngest-ever winner of the World’s Best Sommelier award.

The couple dined alone in a back of the intimate neighborhood restaurant, enjoying a degustation – the restaurant’s tasting menu – around a medley of French wines, staff members say.

“Their main plate was langoustines with a French wine,” said one. “And there was a dessert – a cake, because it was her birthday.”

“It was very subtle, real cool,” said one surprised diner, Yen Goel, who was dining with her husband Rajat when the couple arrived.

“They came in very unobtrusively. It was real fast. They walked by, and I said to my husband, ‘I think I just saw Brad and Angelina walk by us.’ And he said, ‘I think you may have had one glass of wine too many already.’ ”

Following the dinner, Pitt and Jolie, wearing a custom Saint Laurent suit, joined others from their World War Z travel party at Silencio, a nightclub near Montmartre designed by film director David Lynch.

Asked by reporters earlier in the evening, on the red carpet, if this birthday is special – given his fiancée’s double mastectomy earlier this year – Pitt demurred.

“Every year is special,” he said. “This year isn’t any more special than other years. We’re going to celebrate in the air with the kids because we’re going on to the next city.”

The family heads to Berlin next.