Brad Pitt, a Sensitive Killer in 'Killing Them Softly'

"In this economy, [$15,000] for two days' work [sounds] pretty good," Pitt says in the film


Brad Pitt shows off his tough side in this exclusive clip from his upcoming film, Killing Them Softly.

Playing Jackie Cogan, a point person who hires hit men, a slicked-back, thick-haired Pitt, 48, is seen in a car, making a deal with a man wanting to have someone offed.

“Ever killed someone?” he asks. “They can get emotional. Not fun. A lot of fuss. They cry, they plead, they beg. They piss themselves … I like to kill them softly – from a distance, not close enough for feelings. I don’t like feelings.”

Arguing that $15,000 is a good deal to hire in a hit man “in this economy,” Pitt’s character goes on to say, “15 for two days’ work will sound pretty good” to the man who does the killings. – Dahvi Shira

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