Brad Pitt Goes Home

Brad Pitt was in his native Springfield MO Thursday night for a fundraiser screening of his new movie “Meet Joe Black,” which opens nationwide today. Bringing the film home proved a boon to local charities, which took in $66,750 in ticket sales from the film and a reception attended by Pitt, the AP reports. At a news conference in his hometown Pitt said, “I just felt like I wanted to get back and bring something home.” As flashbulbs popped all around him, Pitt insisted he’s just a regular guy who happens to make movies. When he looks in the mirror, “I see a guy,” Pitt said with a laugh.

  • Reviews for the new film have been mostly poor, with the New York Daily News giving it one star and the New York Post one-half a star. The New York Times called the film “oppressively lavish and snail-paced,” a reference to the three-hour running time.
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