The couple's lawyer says news reports of an impending breakup are "unequivocally" false

By Simon Perry
February 08, 2010 01:50 PM
Credit: Ramey

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have issued a legal statement asserting that they are not about to split.

The couple’s lawyer, Keith Schilling, said Monday that the pair had commenced proceedings against Britain’s News of the World for making “false allegations about their relationship” – and said that the reports are not true.

“We can confirm unequivocally … that the allegations published by the News of the World are false as well as intrusive,” said Schilling in a statement.

The U.K. paper had reported that Jolie, 34, and Pitt, 46, had met with a divorce lawyer and were headed for a split.

According to Schilling, Sorrell Trope, who was identified in some media reports as the lawyer representing the couple, submitted a statement saying, “I have had no contact from them … Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt. I have never met your … clients or had any involvement with either of them.”

When news broke of a possible impending split between the superstar couple, sources close to them told PEOPLE that the story was not true.

On Sunday, Pitt and Jolie publicly showed their affection for each other by kissing, cuddling and cheering when they took son Maddox to the Super Bowl.
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News of the World did not immediately return calls for comment.