"They came, they said, because Clint Eastwood recommended the restaurant," chef Guy Savoy tells PEOPLE
Credit: James Devaney/WireImage

Nothing like a nice, romantic break, especially in the City of Love.

Amid a week of tandem promotional tours through Paris for her The Tourist and his Megamind, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie turned up for dinner Thursday evening at one of the world’s best eateries – Restaurant Guy Savoy, on the Rue Troyon – and stayed till nearly midnight to close the place.

The restaurant came highly praised, by none other than Jolie’s Changeling director. “They came, they said, because Clint Eastwood recommended the restaurant to her. He told her they’d enjoy themselves,” the legendary three-Michelin star chef, Guy Savoy, tells PEOPLE.

“Brad was very interested in the style of cuisine and very knowledgeable,” says Savoy, 53. “And I have to say that I took one look at her and I complimented him on his good taste. She is most beautiful in person.”

After a champagne toast, the couple’s meal began with soft-boiled eggs infused with truffles, followed by an artichoke soup with a glass of white wine.

For main dishes, “she took a lobster dish, and he ordered a cote de veau, with mashed potatoes seasoned with truffles.” Their wine accompaniment was a Bordeaux: a Paulliac from Chateau Lynch Bages.

“During a break, Brad visited in the kitchen,” says Savoy. There, the actor and the chef, in Savoy’s words, “hammered together” a conversation in English and French. Savoy says Pitt’s French is “surprisingly good.”

For dessert, the chef says, both chose a selection of cheeses. “Typically French,” Savoy says with a laugh.