Too pregnant to travel, Kimberly Williams watches Quantum of Solace back home, but TiVos Brad's win

By Nicholas White Eunice Oh
November 24, 2008 06:20 PM
Columbia Pictures, Peter Kramer/AP

When Brad Paisley won his first American Music Award in Los Angeles on Sunday, his biggest fan – his wife of five years, actress Kimberly Williams – wasn’t in the audience.

“She stayed at home. She’s pregnant with our second kid,” Paisley, 36, told PEOPLE backstage. “Things like this are more work than you can imagine for a woman with a watermelon strapped around her waist.”

And keeping her company was no less than James Bond.

Paisley told reporters that when he called his wife after picking up his award, she gave him hushed congratulations. “Oh, that’s great,” she whispered. “I’m in a movie [but] I have it TiVo’d.”

“She went to see James Bond or something!” he added. “But she’s real happy. Happy as she can be.”

Paisley and Williams, 37, announced the pregnancy in October, with an expected due date of April 2009. Their first child, William Huckleberry, is 21 months old.

Paisley won the AMA for male country artist, an award that is selected by the fans. He says he’ll be spending the rest of the year in the recording studio, celebrating holidays in Nashville – and, of course, preparing for baby No. 2.