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October 14, 2009 03:20 PM

Guitar heroes, take note: If you want to share the stage with Brad Paisley, be ready for some Twitter ribbing before and after the show.

“Get to jam with an up N coming young Australian guitarist 2night named, um, can’t remember,” Paisley Tweeted on Tuesday. “Starts with a ‘k’ I think, anyway, he’s got potential … Karl? Kelvin? Ken? … Rural … rural’s the last name, I’m sure of that.”

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That Aussie upstart who actually calls himself Keith Urban did, in fact, have the goods, as he joined Paisley in a guitar shred-off during their duet “Start a Band” at a star-studded benefit concert for Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame. Taylor Swift, Vince Gill, Faith Hill and Lady Antebellum also performed.

Urban described the night as “officially one of the greatest open-mic nights we’ve ever seen in Nashville,” and afterwards Paisley was forced to agree.

“Feel so stupid,” Paisley Tweeted. “His name is Keith Urban. Guess he’s some sort of big deal. Certainly amazingly talented, great guy. Needs a haircut though.”

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