Something of an international incident occurred Monday, when it was reported that the German edition of Marie Claire magazine quoted Brad Pitt, 37, in an interview as saying that his wife of one year, Jennifer Aniston, 32, was pregnant. Now it appears that something got lost in the translation. A publicist for the “Friends” star denied the pregnancy claim to “No. 1 is already on the way,” Marie Claire had quoted Pitt as saying. “Now we’re just hoping that everything goes well.” Publicists for the couple acknowledged that Pitt spoke with a writer for the magazine four months ago while doing press for the movie “The Mexican,” but they insist he said nothing to suggest that parenthood was imminent. “The writer read me what she had written, which was completely different from what they printed,” Pitt’s spokeswoman, Cindy Guagenti, told Reuters. “She asked him a question about adopting a baby, and he said, ‘That’s not true, I don’t know where you heard that.’ Then she asked, ‘Are you going to have a tribe of your own?’ and he said, ‘We want to have kids someday.’ She asked, ‘When would that be,’ and he said, ‘When we’re both ready.’ How that got translated into: ‘No. 1 is on the way,’ I don’t know. We’re asking for a retraction.” Rumors that Aniston is expecting in real life were possibly fueled by the cliffhanger season finale of “Friends,” which suggested that the actress’ character, Rachel Green, could be pregnant.