9-Year-Old Boy with Spina Bifida Continues to Smile Despite Undergoing 20 Surgeries

Despite undergoing 20 surgeries for his conditions, the young boy hasn't lost his joy for life

Photo: Katherine C. Cohen/Boston Children's Hospital

Nine-year-old Tyler Bois was born with spina bifida and Chiari malformation, a congenital defect in which brain tissue extends into the spinal cord.

Despite undergoing 20 surgeries for his conditions, the young boy hasn’t lost his fighting spirit and joy for life.

Tyler dreams of playing football with his favorite team – the Dallas Cowboys, according to Boston Children’s Hospital.

And the fun-loving boy, who likes to play with his golden retriever puppy and enjoys skiing and wake boarding, also wants to open up a pizza shop and will either call it “Slice of Ty” or “Ty’s Pizza Palace.”

During the hardest times, Tyler not only keeps a smile on his face – he keeps others smiling around him as well. Before his last operation, he gave the staff at the hospital an impromptu dance from his bed.

Dr. Roger Nuss, who has performed a series of surgeries on Tyler, said he has defied the odds, Fox News reports

“Tyler has surprised a lot of people…No one would have predicted he d do so well. His family is so upbeat – he’s in the perfect environment to be successful,” Dr. Nuss said.

Tyler’s parents, Amy and Steve Bois, just want to help their son achieve his dreams – however simple they may be.

“I want to walk more and do things with my friends,” Tyler said.

So his parents opted for elective procedures to help Tyler walk with forearm crutches and low-level braces.

They support their young son by telling him, “We’re going to help you get there. It might not be easy, but we’re in it together. There are no limits to what our family can do.”

Amy added, “Dr. Karlin (an orthopedic surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital, who has performed numerous surgeries on Tyler) told me about a patient with spina bifida who walked down the aisle at her wedding. He said, ‘She made it that far because her mother pushed her when she needed it. You re doing the same for Tyler. It will pay off in the end.’ That really made my day.”

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