Three-year-old Henry could not be more thrilled to receive an avocado as a birthday present


Nowadays, most kids squeal with delight only when they receive expensive electronics and gadgets as birthday gifts – but not little Henry. The 3-year-old recently graced the Internet with a Vine showing the most adorable display of an “attitude of gratitude.”

Henry’s uncle, Jeff Simmons, told PEOPLE that Henry is “finally at the age where he would recognize the presents he received from friends and family, so me and his mother had talked with him about being polite and kind when you open presents, even if you don’t actually like them … Later on in the day, we decided to do a little test run and give him questionable presents that most kids wouldn’t react well to receiving.”

However, little Henry proved he had taken his manners lesson seriously. When the boy unwrapped one of his gifts only to find a plump, ripe avocado … he could not have been more thrilled! This young gentleman doesn’t miss a beat as he exclaims “Thanks!” with a beaming smile.

Also among the questionable gifts: an oven mitt, a coffee cup, and a jar of his least favorite thing – peanut butter. Still, according to Simmons, “His reaction was pretty much the same for each of them! He just smiled and said thank you.”

And if Henry is smiling now, just wait until mom makes him some avocado toast. That stuff is delicious!