The attack off of Makaha Beach in Oahu is the seventh in Hawaii this year and the third off of Oahu this month

By Tiare Dunlap
Updated October 29, 2015 05:00 PM

A 10-year-old boy was seriously injured in a shark attack in Hawaii on Wednesday afternoon.

Witnesses told Hawaii News Now that the boy was body boarding at Makaha Beach on Oahu’s western shore when he was bitten on the right thigh.

The unidentified boy remains hospitalized in serious condition, Shayne Enright of the Honolulu Department of Emergency Services told CNN.

Enright said the boy was about 50-60 yards offshore when he started yelling that he had been bitten.

Captain Kelly Krohne, an off-duty lifeguard who was surfing nearby, described the attack. “I saw this 10-year-old boy get bumped out of the water, and he started screaming, ‘Uncle! Uncle! I got hit! I got hit!,’ ” Krohne told the news station.

He and another witness brought the boy past the breaking waves to assess his injuries.

“Me and another person paddled over to him, looked at his leg,” said Krohne. “He had three gashes on his leg. Looked at his thigh, and his thigh was open.”

The two men brought the boy to shore where lifeguards were waiting to take him for treatment.

Beachgoer Chance Cacatian witnessed the scene on the beach moments after the attack.

“All I could see was his thigh, [the lifeguards] wrapping it up tight,” he told Hawaii News Now. “A lot of blood.”

Ocean safety officials posted shark warning signs in the area “strongly recommending” that people stay out of the water until mid-day Thursday.

Enright said that less than an hour before the attack, a shark was spotted at a nearby beach eating dead pigs that had washed into the water.

“We were about to post warning signs and start clearing the water when the incident here occurred,” Enright said.

The incident marks the seventh shark attack in Hawaii this year and the third off of Oahu in the month of October.