The new prototype lets kids build their own prosthetic limbs with friends and family


Growing up in Colombia, designer Carlos Torres was surrounded by amputees, a tragically common outcome of the country’s recent history of civil wars.

Torres wanted to design a product that would not only offer prosthetic arms to children with missing limbs – like 8-year-old Dario, who lost his right arm to a congenital malformation – but also boost self-esteem and help ease the trauma of being different.

That’s where Legos came in.

“During my time working in Lego Future Lab I realized that you can pretty much build anything you want with Lego,” Torres told Gizmag of his time studying the interlocking bricks with prostheses in mind. “But the key feature of the system for me is that Lego sets are something you can build with friends and your family. Something that is that social made me think of one of the biggest challenge kids in disability have when facing society.”

In the following video, you can see Dario put on his prosthetic with the help of friends and family – laughing the whole time. That’s right, building your own prosthetic arm can – and should – be fun.

The Lego set Torres gave Dario and his pals included a spaceship with a laser-imitating light brick. For an 8-year-old kid, that’s almost cooler than having an actual arm – and the excitement on Dario’s face is infectious.

Torres told Gizmag he aims for the playful prosthetic to be available for purchase sometime between December 2016 and mid-2017.