"There is nothing anyone could have done," Alice Shaw, a friend of the Culture Club singer, wrote on Twitter before her death
Credit: Drew Gurian/Invision/AP

Boy George is sharing his grief on social media after revealing that a close friend died of suicide.

“My long time friend @alifromdapally took her own life. I am struggling with this. I’m am devastated but I need to say how much I loved her!” he wrote on Twitter Thursday.

Eight hours earlier, Alice Shaw posted a farewell message on her Twitter page featuring the words “au revoir mon” above the image of a small black heart.

“Please know I am more at peace now than I have been in a very long time and there is nothing anyone could have done,” she also wrote.

Boy George, real name George Alan O’Dowd, had been tweeting with Shaw until recently, with her even joking with the Culture Club singer and another pal about looking for a husband.

After his mournful tweet, George received many messages of support, replying to one user that the news is “just awful.” His rep could not be reached for comment.

The U.K. native, 55, is an active social media user, recently sharing his grief following the Istanbul terrorist attack last month.

He also supported Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition, telling PEOPLE last year that she is “very brave.”