Box Office Goes Boo!

“The Sixth Sense,” a thriller with Bruce Willis, knocked off a bride and a witch to lead the box office competition this past weekend, according to industry estimates. “Sixth Sense” collected $25.8 million to make it the highest-grossing movie ever to open in August, surpassing “The Fugitive,” which took in $23.7 million in 1993. It was Bruce Willis’s second-best opening ever, behind “Armageddon,” which grossed $36 million in its debut last summer. The low-budget horror hit “The Blair Witch Project” maintained its No. 2 spot in the ticket sales chart with $24.5 million, while “Runaway Bride” ($21 million) dropped from first place to third.

4. “The Thomas Crown Affair,” $14.6 million
5. “Deep Blue Sea,” $11 million
6. “Mystery Men,” $10 million
7. “Inspector Gadget,” $8.4 million
8. “The Haunting,” $6.3 million
9. “Iron Giant,” $5.7 million
10. “American Pie,” $4 million

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