Box Office: 'Collector' Connects

The weekend’s No. 1 box office draw was “The Bone Collector,” starring Denzel Washington as a paralyzed forensics expert and Angelina Jolie as a police officer tracking a serial killer. According to industry estimates, the film took in $17.2 million in its first weekend, followed by the much panned Chris O’Donnell flick “The Bachelor,” which earned $8 million. Ticket sales since Friday:

1. “The Bone Collector,” $17.2 million
2. “The Bachelor,” $8 million
3. “The House on Haunted Hill,” $7.8 million
4. “The Insider,” $7 million
5. “Double Jeopardy,” $4.5 million
6. “The Best Man,” $4.3 million
7. “American Beauty,” $3.3 million
8. “The Sixth Sense,” $3.2 million
9. “Music of the Heart,” $3 million
10. “Fight Club,” $2.5 million

Stephen M. Silverman is on vacation. He will return toThe Daily next week.

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