Bow Wow Comes Clean on Hospital Stay

The rapper, whose rep cited exhaustion, actually cut his hand during a tantrum

Photo: Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

Rapper Bow Wow has admitted his hospitalization last week was not due to “exhaustion and stress,” as his rep had claimed, but, in fact, because of blood loss that followed an angry pre-concert outburst in which he severely cut his hand.

Upset that certain props were missing for his show last Thursday in Cincinnati, the musician, 20, “hit something and cut my hand,” he tells MTV. “It would not stop bleeding. I lost a lot of blood, went onstage, put out a lot of energy, came off, got light-headed. I fainted, went to the hospital.”

The rep’s earlier assertion that “a combination of exhaustion and stress” were to blame is “B.S.,” he added.

“I was bummed out because a lot of the stuff that I had as part of my show wasn’t there,” the rapper says. “I was upset nobody made me aware of it, and I threw a tantrum.”

Earlier this week, Bow Wow’s rep also said the rapper had a problem with his appendix. That part is true, Bow Wow (real name: Sahd Gregory Moss) said – as the doctors who were treating his hand noticed that his white-blood-cell count was high. Surgery on the appendix could be a possibility, Bow Wow said.

The rapper has not performed since the Dec. 6 show.

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