Boston Rocker to Mike Huckabee: Please Stop with 'More Than a Feeling'

Tom Scholz asks the Republican candidate to refrain from using their hit song

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Warner Bros

Last week, it was John Mellencamp requesting that Republican presidential hopeful John McCain lay off using the musician’s “Our Country” and “Pink Houses” at his rallies.

This week, it’s Tom Scholz, chief songwriter and founder of the band Boston, telling the other Republican aspirant, Mike Huckabee, that Scholz’s 1970s smash hit “More Than a Feeling” is not available for his campaign.

“Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for,” Scholz has written in a letter to Huckabee – that also points out that Scholz is a supporter of Democrat Barack Obama, the Associated Press reports.

“By using my song, and my band’s name Boston, you have taken something of mine and used it to promote ideas to which I am opposed,” said Scholz. “In other words, I think I’ve been ripped off, dude!”

Not that every candidate is meeting with obstacles from the music community. Celine Dion said she was “thrilled” that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s official campaign anthem is “You and I.” Obama uses U2’s “City of Blinding Lights” at his rallies.

And, for the record, Mellencamp supported former Democratic candidate John Edwards.

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