Jane Richard's brother, Martin, was killed in the terrorist attack last April
Credit: Courtesy Jane Richard Family

Jane Richard, who lost her brother Martin in the Boston Marathon bombing, is standing tall on a brand-new prosthetic leg.

As the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack approaches on April 15, the smiling 8-year-old is a symbol of hope and inspiration in a photo released on Friday by her family.

In a statement on their website, the Richard family says the picture shows “just how far Jane has come on what has been a long and difficult road to recovery.”

Jane, who underwent 12 surgeries and spent 39 days in the ICU, received a new Cheetah running leg last week.

“Never self-conscious and always smiling, Jane has worn it to school several times, which speaks to the can-do spirit she has displayed over the last 11 months,” her family says.

The family has set up a foundation in memory of their 8-year-old son, and this year 100 runners will be participating as Team MR8 in the Boston Marathon in support of the charity.

“There is much activity in our lives there days, which goes a long way toward distracting us from what is certain to be an emotional one-year anniversary on April 15th,” the family says. “A day doesn’t pass when we don’t cry over the loss of Martin, but we also laugh when we think about him, which feels like the right way to remember a little boy with a zest for life and a caring heart.”