Chipotle in Massachusetts Closed Amid Norovirus Fears

The company has been plagued by multiple outlets in recent months

Photo: Loop Images/UIG/Getty

A Boston-area Chipotle has been praised for its efficient handling of a potential norovirus infection.

Three employees are suspected of norovirus infection in Billerica, the town’s Board of Health said. But local Public Health Director Richard Berube told Reuters that Chipotle had been “very proactive” and that staff at the location would be screened. As of Wednesday night, no customers had been sickened.

Two of the restaurant chain’s recent food scares were the result of norovirus, and employees were advised to watch for symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, explosive diarrhea, yellowing of the skin and eyes and dark urine.

The Billerica, Massachusetts, public health department gave the restaurant a clean bill of health after it sent workers home and cleaned its facilities. The process that the restaurant used was seen as a practice run of new safety procedures the chain implemented in the wake of a series of infections that rocked its locations across the nation.

“It is an indication that the system is working,” Doug Powell, of the food safety site, told Reuters.

Chipotle dealt with falling stock prices, lowered profits and a wave of bad publicity last year following two E.coli outbreaks that sickened over 50 people in 10 states, as well as disparate outbreaks of norovirus that involved more than 350 diners.

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