June 26, 2001 01:30 PM

Bruce Springsteen really has something to sing about. Judge Howard A. Ackerman in Newark, N.J., has dismissed a lawsuit against the Boss that had been brought by a former manager, James Cretecos, who asserted copyright claims over songs that Springsteen wrote before he became famous, reports The New York Times. Judge Ackerman’s 23-page decision essentially enforces Springsteen, 51, as the rightful holder of the copyrights and states that some of these same legal issues were raised by Springsteen in his British case against Cretecos, who repped the musician in the ’70s. Cretecos did not return a call to The Times seeking comment. Meanwhile, in other rock news, Sen. Jesse Helms, 79, has experienced a duet of firsts this month. He attended his first-ever rock concert and received his first-ever note from a rock star. On June 14, the archconservative statesman from North Carolina attended a concert by the Irish band U2. (He and the group’s lead singer, Bono, had reputedly struck up a friendship last year when Bono did some political lobbying on behalf of international debt relief.) Helms admitted that he enjoyed the concert, even if he did have to turn down his hearing aids. “Hope you had fun at the concert,” Bono, 40, said in the note to Helms. “We are really confusing the cynics with our friendship.” Amen.

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