Forget Vegas! Bride-to-be Stephanie Mah had an unforgettable bachelorette party thanks to a little help from Bono, The Edge and Jon Bon Jovi

By Julia Emmanuele
Updated July 20, 2015 12:45 PM
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty

Some brides-to-be have a hard time remembering their bachelorette party, but Stephanie Mah’s pre-wedding celebration was a night she and her friends will never forget.

According to Newsday, Mah and her group were enjoying a meal at Moby’s restaurant in East Hampton, New York, when U2’s Bono and The Edge – who are in town playing a string of shows at Madison Square Garden – as well as Jon Bon Jovi, decided to crash the party. The rock stars were sitting at a table next to the group, and after chatting with Mah and her friends – and congratulating the bride on her impending nuptials, of course – they posed for pictures with the group.

Negro Cabrera, who co-owns a record label and is an employee at Moby’s, shared a fun snap of himself with Bono, The Edge, Bon Jovi and the bridal party on Instagram, writing “You know when you ended up having a good nite when you have a picture like this!”

After Cabrera posted his photo, it was reposted by several U2 tour accounts, inspiring envy in fans of the band everywhere.

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Hopefully, Mah’s new friends can find some free time in their busy tour schedule in order to crash the big day – now that’s a wedding band people will talk about for years to come.