November 09, 2001 12:15 PM

California’s Sacramento-based National Assn. to Advance Fat Acceptance has called for a boycott of “Shallow Hal,” the new comedy by Farrelly Brothers Peter and Bobby (“There’s Something About Mary”), which stars Gwyneth Paltrow as a heavy woman who is nothing but beautiful in the eyes of the character Hal (Jack Black). According to the Los Angeles Times, the group insists that the movie “reinforces stereotypes and myths about fat people,” even though it carries a message about the importance of inner beauty. PEOPLE film critic Leah Rozen calls the film “one of the year’s best comedies” and credits it with being “unexpectedly sweet.” But Maryanne Bodolay, executive administrator of the Fat Acceptance group, says, “Hollywood is intent upon perpetuating the myth that fat people are miserable and unattractive and that the path to happiness is through losing weight.” Furthermore, singer Carnie Wilson, 33, who used to be obese, has also lashed out at the movie, telling the New York Post “it was making fun of fat people.” Particularly offensive to her were sight gags involving the girth of the Paltrow character. “A steel chair buckling, a booth breaking, I’m sorry, that wouldn’t happen,” said Wilson. “I could see it happening with a plastic chair. That happened to me and it hurts.” Twentieth Century Fox, the movie’s producer, had no comment.

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