PEOPLE asked the stars: What body part would you change?

By People Staff
September 17, 2004 05:45 PM

Tara Reid: “Uh my little belly.”

Rosario Dawson: “I’d be taller. I’m 5′ 7″, but my mom is 6 feet tall. In my family, I’m short.”

Joey Fatone: “My gut. (I would) cut this out” (gesturing to his stomach).

Amy Brenneman: “Before my daughter, my breasts were a little bigger. I’m not vain, but I’d like them to be a little bigger and better.”

Kelly Clarkson: “Body part to change? My butt is too big. I’m a big bubble butt. I get hollered at, whistles, and it’s too much.”

Michael Clarke Duncan: “I would make my stomach look like the Rock’s. The Rock doesn’t have a six-pack, he has something like 16-pack going on.”

Shannon Elizabeth: “I could take Catherine Zeta-Jones’s nose for a day, then give it back.”

Randy Jackson: “I just had surgery not too long ago so I’m happy with my body now. I’m just chilling. You know what? I know what I wouldn’t change, but I can’t talk about that in a magazine.”

Noah Wyle: “My long, flat feet which prevent me from having any kind of vertical jump. Sadly, my son has inherited my feet. So, speaking for my son and his hopeful future NBA career, I would say my feet.”

Jay Leno: “I’ll have to look in a mirror and get back to you on that one.”

Jason Bateman: “I’d like Snoop Dogg’s lungs. I could scrape them a bit and store them in the freezer.”

Vivica A. Fox: “God, I got a nice butt, my boobs are okay, my face is okay. (I would want) nicer legs – without working out.”

Moby: “I have no problem shaving my head, but I kind of wish I had an option. I’d probably give myself hair again.”

Quentin Tarantino: “It’s taken me a real long time to get comfortable with my own body, so I think I’ll just keep mine.”