The singer says he and Houston don't want a "Hollywood divorce"

By Nicholas White
Updated February 23, 2007 09:10 AM

Bobby Brown is looking forward to life after Whitney Houston – though the two remain close because of their daughter, he tells PEOPLE.

“We’re trying to work everything out so the divorce goes right – not like a Hollywood divorce,” Brown said at Thursday’s annual Vanity Fair Amped concert in Hollywood. “We’re friends, you know. We’re friends.”

Brown, who is dad to Bobbi Kristina, 13, with Houston, added, “I’m really looking forward to her doing her thing, and me doing my thing. And that’s raising a child. It’s beautiful. Our child is beautiful.”

Houston filed for divorce from Brown in October after 14 years of marriage, and petitioned in December to fast-track the divorce. But the estranged couple shared a dinner together with Bobbi Kristina in West Hollywood on Feb. 11.

“It has brought us closer together, always,” Brown told PEOPLE of parenthood. “We have been close because of who we are together, and what that child means to us. She’s the greatest thing in both of our lives. We just appreciate each other now that we know the direction that we both want to go.”

Asked if he was dating any new women, Brown said, “There’s a few.”

Both Brown and Houston have upcoming albums, and Brown said he is shooting a follow-up to his 2005 reality show Being Bobby Brown.

“I’m as happy as I can be,” he said. “I know God has given me a talent that I can use forever. As long as I stay healthy, I’ll be okay.”