By Todd Peterson
Updated February 27, 2004 12:52 PM

Bobby Brown, clad in a standard orange jumpsuit from Georgia’s DeKalb County jail, went before a judge on Friday and was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating his probation, the Associated Press reports.

Brown, who was on probation for a drunk-driving charge dating back to 1996, was arrested in December for allegedly hitting his wife of 10 years, Whitney Houston. Brown also faced violations that included failure to take drug tests, pay probation fees and prove he had received counseling, among other court obligations.

In all, he faced five probation violations and a misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly striking Houston, which reportedly left the songstress with a bruised cheek and cut lip. (Houston was not in the courtroom Friday.)

Brown was able to prove that he had paid some of his fees, attended some counseling and completed some community service. It was enough for the judge to cut the 120-day sentence Brown was facing in half.

“Since you did complete most of the original conditions, I don’t feel obligated to sentence you to 120 days,” State Court Judge Wayne Purdom told the singer.

Regarding the 60 days, Brown will get credit for time served since his arrest on Feb. 20. Meanwhile, he faces another hearing for the misdemeanor charge on May 5.

Brown was halfway through his two-year probation for the drunk-driving incident. This is the second time he has been in jail in the past six months, AP reports. In August, he served a week for a separate probation violation.