August 31, 2007 03:00 PM

Bobby Brown went to court Friday in Orange County, Calif., seeking legal and physical custody of his 14-year-old daughter with Whitney Houston, telling PEOPLE, “I just miss my daughter.”

“I miss watching her sleep, making her laugh, everything, it’s the simple things,” Brown said after a court hearing for custody of Bobbi Kristina. “She looks like me – it’s like looking in the mirror. The goal is to see her a lot more and to be involved in the decision making in her life, the places she goes, the people she hangs out with. All of that.”

For now, he will have to wait until Oct. 22 before any custody decision is made: The judge on Friday called for both Brown and Houston to personally argue their cases in a deposition.

Houston did not appear in court, and her lawyers had no comment afterward, saying they’re awaiting the October deposition. Brown, wearing a grey pinstriped suit, purple shirt and tie, said mid-hearing, “I’m looking forward to my day in court, hopefully it will come.”

The judge called for deposition at the same courthouse in Orange Couty. Houston, however, will be allowed to tape hers, as she and Bobbi Kristina have moved to Atlanta, where the pop star is currently recording.

Though the pair were recently photographed together at a restaurant in Georgia, recent court documents show that Brown, 40, and Houston, 44, are still not seeing eye-to-eye. Brown claimed in legal papers last month that “Since Whitney has been awarded sole legal and physical custody of Bobbi Kris, she has attempted to eliminate me from Bobbi Kris’s life.”

Added Brown on Friday: “I just want to be there to help her make the right decisions and be her father.”

Brown’s lawyers on Friday claimed that Houston flew Brown out to Atlanta two days ago to spend time with his daughter, and that Houston told him not to appear at the court hearing. His lawyers also said of his trip to Atlanta: “He thought they were still working on their marriage. She is the woman he loves.”

• Reporting by AMY KEITH

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