Bobby Brown Claims He Had Sex with a Ghost – and Other Bombshells from His Upcoming '20/20' Interview

Bobby Brown isn't holding back in his revealing 20/20 interview


ABC Breaking News | Latest News VideosBobby Brown‘s 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts is already making waves for his candid revelations about the deaths of wife Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina.

But amid the emotional conversation was another, more otherworldly Brown bombshell: the former New Edition member claims he had sex with a ghost.

The 47-year-old singer recounted the story from his upcoming memoir, Every Little Step, out June 13.

“I bought this mansion in Georgia … this was a really, really spooky place,” Brown says. “But yes, one time, I woke up, and yeah, a ghost. I was being mounted by a ghost.”

Brown, who also claims he slept with Madonna and Janet Jackson, went on to explain that he was not on any drugs when the alleged sexual encounter occurred.

“I wasn’t high,” he says. “I was not trippin’.”

Here are four other big revelations from the chat.

1. Brown Says Houston Started Flirting with Him at the 1989 Soul Train Awards

Houston first met Brown at the 1989 Soul Train Awards. And although he was interested in her, Brown says it was Houston to made the first move.

“She was bumping into me at Soul Train,” Brown explained. “I was like, ‘You keep bumpin’ into me.’ And I kept doing that. And I did it like two or three times, and she kept bumping me. I asked her why, and she was like, ‘Because I want to.’ And that attitude – that whole thing right there – that’s the way it started.”

Brown and the late Houston were married for 15 years. In the new ABC interview, Brown tells Roberts he’s still deeply in love with Houston.

“For the rest of my life, I will have that feeling towards her because she was the one person that knew me – that one person who had no judgement.”

2. Brown Claims Nick Gordon Knows What Happened to Bobbi Kristina

Brown also opens up about his daughter Bobbi Kristina‘s drug abuse – which played a role in her death on July 26, 2015, nearly six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia, home.

“The same thing that happened to my daughter, it happened to Whitney,” he tells Roberts. “The hardest thing I had to do in my life was tell my daughter to let go.”

While Brown takes on some of the blame himself – “We could have been better. We should have been better” – he also points out that one person was around both Houston and Bobbi Kristina near the time of their deaths: Nick Gordon.

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Gordon, 26, was Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend. He was raised in Houston’s house from the age of 12 on, and lived with Bobbi Kristina at the time she was found unresponsive.

“He knows what happened,” Brown says. “I don’t know what happened that night. But he does.”

Brown, alongside his daughter’s conservator, is currently a plaintiff in a $50 million wrongful death civil suit against Gordon.

Gordon has denied any wrongdoing, and has not been charged by authorities in connection with Bobbi Kristina’s death.

“Regardless of what everybody thinks, I made Krissy and Whitney’s last few years on earth as happy as they would be,” Gordon said in an April episode of The Dr. Phil Show. “I gave them somebody to trust to, to talk to, to be there, someone genuine.”

3. Brown Says New Edition Was Only Paid $500 For Their First Hit, “Candy Girl”

While Brown is known for his solo career and hits like “My Prerogative,” the star also opened up about his time in New Edition.

The boy band got together in 1982 to sing for a “talent night” at the Strand Theater in Boston, coming in second place. Their appearance got them noticed by a music producer, who secured their first album and record deal.

Their first song, “Candy Girl,” was a big hit, but it didn’t come with a big pay day. Brown says they just received $500 for the success – and used the money to buy mopeds. They were also given a VCR.

“I was voted out of the group,” Brown told Roberts, of why he left the band. “I would do the opposite, you know, of what they told New Edition to do. I was my own man at a young age. And I just wanted what I wanted.”

4. Brown Says He Is No Longer Doing Drugs

While Brown still struggles with alcohol, he tells Roberts he is drug free.

“When you’re living with somebody who has fought so many addictions and has come so far and then you see there is still something holding them back … you just want to help them,” wife and manager Alicia Etheredge-Brown tells Roberts. The two married in June 2012 and have two children together with a third on the way.

“He has feelings, he has emotions,” she continues. “I don’t think [people] know that … He has a good days and bad days, and he struggles like everybody else. He gets on his knees and he prays and he asks for support and he has really strong faith.”

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