"[Nick] was known to choke her throw her into walls, punch her in the jaw," says Brown's friend Alex Reid

By Melody Chiu
Updated July 01, 2015 08:10 PM
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s conservators filed a complaint against her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, last week accusing him of physical abuse and stealing her money, and now a friend of Whitney Houston‘s only daughter is detailing what happened in their tumultuous relationship.

“[Nick] was known to choke her, definitely, throw her into walls, punch her in the jaw just unbelievable stuff,” Alex Reid told E! News on Wednesday. “It was just this off-the-handle-temper.”

According to Reid, Gordon’s temper would be set off by “something really small” and he “just couldn’t control himself.”

Reid claims Brown would hide in her closet and confide in her friend about Gordon’s abuse.

“She was always looking for somebody to connect to,” said Reid. “She would tell me, ‘There’s no one else in the world who loves me. I used to just lay in my mom’s arms and know I was loved. Now there’s nobody who loves me, nobody who I can trust and talk to.’ ”

Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub of her Atlanta home on Jan. 31. Last Wednesday, she was moved to hospice care, and her conservators filed a complaint alleging that Gordon had caused her “substantial bodily harm” and stolen $11,000 from her.

Gordon has hired a high-powered legal team – including Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez and investigator TJ Ward, who worked on the Natalee Holloway disappearance – to advise him.

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But a close Gordon relative told PEOPLE last week he is being used as “a scapegoat in this case. It’s scary for him, because he hasn’t done anything wrong. He is completely innocent.”

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