Despite recent claims, a Houston family source says her care is more important than the cost

By Liz McNeil
Updated June 18, 2015 12:30 PM
Credit: Landov

Since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub on Jan. 31, much has been said about her ongoing condition. On Tuesday, claims posted on Facebook by Bobby Brown‘s sister Leolah Brown made the rounds, causing some ire within the Houston family, PEOPLE has learned.

According to a Houston family source, Leolah’s post that Pat Houston (who is married to Whitney Houston‘s brother Gary) is “not allowed nowhere near Bobbi Kristina, per Bobbi Kristina’s request,” is not true – as is the claim that Bobbi Kristina is “continuing today to improve.”

“Bobbi Kristina remains completely unresponsive. She cannot communicate. The heartbreak and the pain we feel in seeing her that way is beyond words,” says the source, before adding: “No one is trying to pull the plug. No one is saying goodbye.”

The source also counters Leolah’s claim that Pat, 55, told Bobby Brown that his daughter’s ongoing care was “costing too much money.”

According to the source, insurance is helping with the cost of the medical bills: “Krissi is covered. That was made sure of many years ago.”

Both Pat and Bobby are legal guardians for Bobbi Kristina. While things haven’t always been smooth, they do communicate, including as recently as this week.

“He’s always been a little brother to her,” says the source. “She’s like a big sister to him whether he likes it or not. They have a relationship. He’s the father and Pat respects that very much. There are no issues between her and Bobby. If something comes up, they deal with it.”

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The family source adds that Pat is very close to Bobbi Kristina. “She has always been there for Krissi,” says the source. “She has been dealing with the doctors and everything surrounding her condition and care from the beginning.”

The source also counters Leolah’s claims that Pat is focused on Bobbi Kristina’s money. “Pat doesn’t stand to inherit anything from Bobbi Kristina relative to the trust,” says the source. “Pat is a trustee. She doesn’t want anything from her niece. She doesn’t deal with Bobbi Kristina’s money directly, but she makes sure everybody else does what they are supposed to do.”

While some members of the Houston family are puzzled by Leolah’s recent claims, they harbor no hard feelings towards Bobby. “Pat doesn’t believe Bobby is part of this,” says the source. “None of what she said is true. Still, it’s difficult to be dealing with Krissi’s doctors and have to deal with that nonsense.”

Meanwhile, amidst all the drama, Bobbi Kristina’s future remains unclear. “They are taking things one day at time,” says the source. “The pain they feel at seeing her in that condition is immense. She is in God’s hands and it’s whatever he decides. Today at this moment, we just don’t know.”