Inside Bobbi Kristina Brown's Final Hours and Funeral Plans: New Details

Members of the Houston family gathered to read from the Bible during Bobbi Kristina Brown's last hours

Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic

Relatives and close friends of the Houston family are sharing intimate details from the hours leading up to Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s death on Sunday.

Brown’s loved ones – including her aunt, Pat Houston, Pat’s brother Ray Watson and her sister-in-law Donna Houston, cousin Meeta Brown and family friend Wanda Shelley – all gathered around the 22-year-old when her death seemed near, a family source tells Entertainment Tonight.

During Brown’s final moments, as the family waited for a minister to arrive, they read a verse from Psalms 23 in the Bible: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” After reading the final line of the verse – “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”– the group was repeating the word “Hallelujah” when Brown drew her final breath.

Bobby Brown ‘Comforted’ That Bobbi Kristina Is Reunited with Mom Whitney Houston, Says Source

The group had been by her side every day since her initial hospitalization on Jan. 31. Led by Pat, they would fix Brown’s hair, bathe her and oil her body, and turn her in her bed, says the family source. Their goal was to make sure she was never alone.

Family friend Tyler Perry joined Pat and her husband Gary at their Atlanta home on Monday, reportedly “intent on keeping the peace” between the Brown and Houston families, another source tells Entertainment Tonight.

Perry told the families he would “take care of everything,” including arranging to transport Brown’s body from Atlanta to New Jersey, where she will be laid to rest alongside her mother, Whitney Houston, at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield.

“Tyler has been really close to the family,” his friend Oprah Winfrey said in an interview in February. “Tyler was really supportive of Whitney when she had her troubles – he intervened and tried to help her – and I know that he’s been instrumental in trying to help Bobbi Kristina, too.”

Perry also plans to help with Brown’s funeral, which is tentatively set for Thursday.

The source says that since Brown never had a “Sweet 16” party or a prom, the family is referring to her funeral as a celebration and calling it “the Sweet 16 she never had.”

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